Deb's hip pain relief and return to an active life
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The contraption, known as a cryosauna, is rapidly becoming an important part of the recovery process for some of the best athletes in the world whose physical demands increase while scheduling breaks do not. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather have all tried and endorsed the modern cousin of the cold tub.

This season, the fascination has spread to members of the Packers with the opening of a new facility on Hansen Road in Green Bay. The business, Cryotherapy of Wisconsin, treats everyone from teenagers to baby boomers and beyond, athletes and non-athletes alike. Its website says cryotherapy can be used to relieve pain from arthritis, sports injuries, surgery, headaches, inflammation and age-related aches and pains. The target demographic, according to director of operations Laine Shields, is "active, older adults."

Referred by his physical therapist, [Clay] Matthews is one of a handful of Packers to frequent the facility this season. He has been joined by linebacker Mike Neal, defensive end Datone Jones, nose tackle B.J. Raji and several others, with some of the players going as many as four or five times each week.

"We're at a point now with some of the guys where we do three minutes and three minutes," [Clay] Matthews said. "And I think they have it at the coldest possible setting."

Said Neal: "I go pretty much every day. Six minutes in there. Got to, man."

starstarstarstarstarMary Gorton
Started getting frozen when my son sprained his shoulder 3 weeks ago. Almost full mobility now. I love the energy you get from a session. Especially right before a workout! I recommend anyone to try once... You will be hooked!
starstarstarstarstarRomar Topacio
I have been dealing with low back pain since July 2014. Almost every morning I would have to take a pain medication just to ease the pain allowing me to perform normally both at my job and weight training... And then cryotheraphy changed all of that. I have gone a total of 5 sessions so far and my lower back has never felt this great! I not only feel extremely energized after every session, but I'm also gaining my low back strength back. Oh and did I mention that I have completely discontinued taking pain meds?
starstarstarstarstarJeannette Athey Schwartz Bjorkman
Although the Cryotherapy vessel may resemble a time machine, we all know we can't turn back time. Over the past 18 months I've become more fit and enjoy the bootcamp and obstacal course training lifestyle. In late June my knee was plagued with severe inflammation. I am blessed with a fantastic Chiropractic Doctor Ray at Pro Care clinic (which happens to be located right next door) and thru adjustments, electro-stim and massage my knee issues are a faint memory. Moving forward, I've chosen to try Cryotherapy and after 5 sessions I'm happy to report there are many benefits. I'm enjoying fantastic range of motion in my knee and all other joints. Other benefits include fantastic sleep and wake feeling extremely well rested. Overall less body aches. I look forward to return to bootcamp and OCRT with my fellow Spartans. I would highly recommend this to everyone that has aches and pains.
starstarstarstarstarJustin Burke
I worked out immediately after my 2nd visit and was able to lift noticeably more weight during a upper body workout. Felt energized throughout and that was after a 12 hour workday.
starstarstarstarstarAmanda Thompson
So awesome!! Pain free, sleeping better and waking up fully rested!! Give it a try!! Great facility and top notch service!!
starstarstarstarstarJake Roberts
I started going a week out of shoulder surgery. I had a Significant reduction in swelling, was fully off pain meds after a couple of sessions and to top it all off I was able to SLEEP IN BED through the night just 10 days out of surgery, which is unheard of! As a CrossFit athlete and Coach I am looking for the best way to recover so I can get back to training, and THIS IS IT!
starstarstarstarstarDavid Konshak
More energy, faster recovery and better sleep has kept me coming back. I first started coming do to lower back pain which doesn't exist anymore as my inflammation is gone! Daily fitness is my lifestyle and my career and this something I will be recommending to almost everyone.
starstarstarstarstarTanya J Baenen
I've been feeling a noticeable difference with my inflammation from my Crohn's disease. Definitely feeling a difference in my energy level! Loving the "freezer"!
starstarstarstarstarCarolyn Nevala Van Handel
I felt amazingly invigorated after each session! Well worth the deep freeze!
starstarstarstarstarMandi Heidebrink Wilke
After 8 weeks in constant pain I am finally pain free after 6x in cryo tank! I even managed to run 3 miles tonight with no tenderness while breathing! I am a believer in cryo-therapy!!!